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Departments & People
Departments that are essential in every state.
What are examples of various states in various continents around the world?

What are the essential departments in every state?
  1. Air Force

  2. Aviation laws inside and outside the state

  3. Aviation World Administration and Aviation College International.

  4. Airports / Air Force Bases

  5. Aircraft Inventory Management & Services

  6. Air and Missile Defense Systems

  7. Aviation / Advanced missile technologies

  8. Aviation facilities inside and outside the state.

  9. Aviation manufacturing around the world.

  10. Aviation Maintenance Management

  11. Aviation Incidents within and outside the State

  12. Aviation World.| State department for aviation

  13. Airlines around the world

  14. Aviation Careers

  15. Agriculture and food sciences.| State department of agriculture and food sciences.

  16. Accountants and Auditors.| State Inventory Accounting / World Inventory Accounting

  17. Anti-corruption

  18. Animals in farming

  19. Archives, Archaeology, and Museums.| State Department of Archives, Archaeology, and Museums.

  20. Budget

  21. Budget| Annual Budget of the State

  22. Building Departments in the State

  23. Census

  24. Child care issues in the state.

  25. City Services / Service Directory / City of Chicago / Illinois

  26. Clothing.| State Department of Clothing

  27. Complaint.| State department of complaints

  28. Committees and International Organizations

  29. Comptroller and Auditor General of a Specific State | State Auditor's Office

  30. Computers and Internet.| State Department of Computers and Internet

  31. Communication | State Department of Communication

  32. Contracts

  33. Construction

  34. Corrections.| State Department of Correctional Services.

  35. Criminal Offenses

  36. Critical Care

  37. Culture.| State Department of Culture

  38. Currency management global

  39. Custodian General

  40. Cyber Security

  41. Defense.| State department of defense

  42. Department of State

  43. Department of Skills Development

  44. Directories.| World Directories

  45. Disaster

  46. Economy and budget.| State department of economy and budget.

  47. Electricity.| State department of electricity.

  48. Emergency Directive for Public Safety

  49. Emergency Management | State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management / What various types of emergencies can a state have?

  50. Emergency Management | Public Health Emergencies

  51. Emergency Medical Services.| State Department of Emergency Medicine
    Emergency Medical Services Training Programs

  52. Employment

  53. Employment Security / Illinois Department of Employment Security
    Eligible for Unemployment Benefits

  54. Energy | State Department of Energy

  55. Engineering.| State department of engineering

  56. English language.| State department of English language

  57. Economic department in the state and most favored state or states.

  58. Estates Department.|State Department of Estates

  59. Environment.|Department for Environmental

  60. Facilities management.| State department of facilities management

  61. Factory Regulations Around the World.

  62. Floriculture

  63. Fire.|State Fire Marshal's Office

  64. Footwear.|State Department of Footwear

  65. Foreign Relations

  66. Forensic Psychiatry

  67. Forests | Forest Department of the State

  68. Funeral.|Board of Funeral Services

  69. Fuel.|State Department of Fuel

  70. Food and supplies.| State department of food and supplies.

  71. Food Pantries By State

  72. Health.| State department of health.

  73. Healthcare laws circulated by Doctor Asif Qureshi: What must every state governor know?

  74. Healthcare Human Organ Transplantation Program

  75. Healthcare, food, drug, and medical device administration

  76. Healthcare education for specific physicians and healthcare workers department: What should you know?

  77. Healthcare and developmental disabilities department.

  78. Healthcare medical supplies department

  79. Healthcare and Medical Emergencies: What is on the list?

  80. Horticulture

  81. Human Rights.| State Department of Human Rights

  82. Higher education.| State department of higher education. / Colleges

  83. Housing and development.| State department of housing and development.

  84. Hospitality and Protocol.| State Hospitality and Protocol

  85. Human services.| State department of human services

  86. Human Resources.| State department of Human Resources

  87. Immigration inside and outside the state.

  88. Infections: What should a specific physician, a public health officer, and/or the head of the state know?

  89. Internet regulator Cyberspace Administration
    Internet Data Center

  90. Investigations.| State Department of Investigations

  91. Irrigation & Flood Control.| State Department of Irrigation & Flood Control

  92. Law/Justice World | State department of law/justice.

  93. Labor (IDOL) / Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL)

  94. Legal Metrology

  95. Legislative service

  96. Mechanical engineering.| State department of mechanical engineering.

  97. Media | State department of media.

  98. Medical Examiners | Medical Examiners Inside and Outside the State

  99. Military Operations

  100. News Media Inside and Outside the State

  101. Non-Profit Organizations

  102. Oceans Adjacent to Various Coastal States

  103. Parks | State Parks

  104. Pension retirements inside and outside the state.

  105. Planning and development.| State department of planning and development.

  106. Police or defense.| State department of police or defense.

  107. Postal Service |State department of Postal Service

  108. Printing | State Printing and Mail Services

  109. Public Safety Issues Inside and Outside the State

  110. Product Manufacturing | Product Manufacturing Department of Engineering in the State

  111. Project management within and outside the state

  112. Public health.| State department of public health.

  113. Professions and Occupations

  114. Public Libraries.| Public Libraries

  115. Recession and inflation monitoring department inside and outside the state.

  116. Resident Services in the State.| State Department of Resident Services

  117. Rivers and Lakes / States around the world.

  118. Roads and buildings construction department in the state is also known as the public works department (PWD). | State department of Roads & Buildings

  119. Roads and Bridges | State Department of Roads and Bridges

  120. Road Transport Office (RTO) | Road Transport Office (RTO) Inside and Outside the State

  121. Road Transport Police Inside and Outside the State

  122. Roads and Sanitation

  123. Recycling plants in state.| State department of recycling plants in the state.

  124. Reforms, reorganizations, upgrades, updates, and restructurings of governments around the world

  125. Rehabilitation Services Department Inside and Outside the State

  126. Research / Government Research Departments Inside and Outside the State

  127. States around the world.

  128. States around the world. / Interstate Compacts

  129. State Importing and Exporting

  130. State Consumer Protection Offices

  131. Science and technology

  132. Secretary of State.| State department of Secretary of State.

  133. Secretary of State Driver Services

  134. School education

  135. Shipping & Handling

  136. Space Department.| Department of Earth & Space Sciences/Universe & Space

  137. Spices

  138. Statistics.| Department of Statistics

  139. Stationery and Office Supplies

  140. Streets and Sanitation

  141. Social Security

  142. Tribunal

  143. Technical Education

  144. Technology Department in the State | Department of Technology, Management, and Budget of the State

  145. Textiles.| State department of textiles.

  146. Telecommunications.| State department of telecommunications.

  147. Transportation.| State department of transportation.

  148. Water.| State department of water.

  149. Warehouses in the state.

  150. Weather and Climate.|Weather and Climate

  151. Weights and Measures.| State department of weights and measures.

  152. Zoo.| State Department of Zoos

    Nonessential ingredients of the economy.

  153. Finance.| State Department of Finance

  154. Revenue

  155. Tourism

  156. Sports

  157. Entertainment

  158. Banks
    Stock Market Crash

  159. Business

  160. Restaurants were declared non-essential by government order on or before March 21, 2020.

  161. Commercial airliners were declared non-essential while the focus shifted to public service-oriented aviation.

  162. Bars (alcohol) were declared non-essential by the government on or before March 21, 2020. Bakeries were declared essential by the government.

  163. Movie theaters were declared non-essential.

  164. Sports and sporting events were declared non-essential. The government mentioned the NFL and NBA as examples.

  165. Foreign direct investors and similar or equivalent entities under similar or different titles are a type of money laundering and are not permitted. States should be careful and circulate alerts.

  166. Retail Stores

  167. Non-essential businesses are showing fraudulent profits.

  168. Barber Shop, Salon, and Spa Services

  169. Tattoo Services

  170. Nail salons

  171. Massage parlors

  172. Beauty salons & barber shops

  173. Entertainment parks
    Cinema halls
    Swimming pools
    Assembly halls

  174. Other non-essential businesses are enlisted by state governments.

What should you know about services?
Most services are provided by various departments in the state.

What are various types of services?
Departments that are essential in every state.

What are the essential departments in every state?
Here are further guidelines.

If any department is less prominent or less established, that department needs to be established properly.
Last Updated: January 15, 2022