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What types of physicians are required at this point within and outside the state?
1. Physician Internet Human health services.
2. Physician primary care
3. Physician intensive care unit
4. Physician medical emergency room
5. Physician medical emergency responder
6. Physician surgeon medical emergency
7. Physician surgeon elective surgery
8. Physician anesthetist medical emergency / Anesthesiologist
9. Physician guide to physician or physicians
10. Physician hospitalist (takes care of hospital ward patients)
11. Physician forensic psychiatry
12. Physician Forensic Pathology
13. Physical Therapist
14. Physician director of public health of the state.
15. Physician director of health of the state.
16. Physician medical superintendent of a hospital in the state.
17. Physician of public health in the state.
18. Physician guide for at least 18 types of physicians.
19. Disability Determination Specialist
20. Physician Medical Emergency 911
21. Physician 311
What is my mailing address?
Doctor Asif Qureshi
5042 N. Winthrop Ave. #237
Chicago, Illinois 60640.
This was my mailing address from August 10, 1999, to May 7, 2018.
This has remained my home office.

Where should you forward remuneration?
To the above-mentioned address.

Critical Care Services
What resources are available at http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/criticalcareworld.html?
Guidelines for the mentioned occupations:
  1. Physician, critical care unit, existing

  2. Physician, critical care unit, in training

  3. Physician, critical care unit, aspiring

  4. Nurse, critical care unit, existing

  5. Nurse, critical care unit, in training

  6. Nurse, critical care unit, aspiring

  7. Nurse, critical care unit, manager at the critical care unit location

  8. Physician, critical care unit, manager at the critical care unit location

  9. Others connected to critical care

Physician hospitalist (takes care of hospital ward patients)
Listed in alphabetical order
  1. Biochemistry

  2. Cardiology

  3. Dermatology

  4. Emergency Medicine

  5. Endocrinology

  6. Forensic Medicine International

  7. Gastroenterology

  8. Geriatrics

  9. Hematology

  10. Internet Healthcare

  11. Internal Medicine

  12. Medical Negligence (Medical Malpractice Specialist)

  13. Microbiology

  14. Nephrology

  15. Neurology

  16. Oncology

  17. Ophthalmology

  18. Orthopedics

  19. Otorhinolaryngology

  20. Obstetrics & Gynecology

  21. Obstetrician

  22. Gynecologist

  23. Primary care physician (Family & General Practice)
      Does the provider use email?

  24. Pediatrics

  25. Psychiatry

  26. Pulmonary Medicine

  27. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  28. Public Health/Social and Preventive Medicine

  29. Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

  30. Surgery

Existing Specific Physician, In-training Specific Physician, and Aspiring Specific Physician
What guidelines have been circulated by Doctor Asif Qureshi for aspiring, in-training, and existing specific physicians?
  1. Aspiring specific physician questions you need to answer.

  2. Aspiring, in-training, and existing specific physician guidelines.

  3. Criminal activities of sex trafficking under the excuse/cover of medical licensure.

  4. Competence and proof of being a specific physician.

  5. Entities that need to be replaced immediately for public good.

  6. Fee issues for the guidelines.

  7. Flawed criteria for professional licensing.

  8. Professional license issues.

  9. Program director.

  10. Questions that need to be answered during the physician’s medical licensing process.

  11. Remuneration and reimbursement for these resources.

  12. Residencies for specific physicians that are not useful.

  13. Resources that need to replace their executives on or after 10 AM on June 3, 2018.

  14. State-specific issues.

  15. Types of specific physicians required at this point inside and outside the state.

Aspiring specific physician questions you need to answer.
How do you become a specific physician?
Old method
New method

What is included in these resources authored by Doctor Asif Qureshi?
A combination of the old method and new method to ensure that you become a competent specific physician.
Here are further guidelines.

Here are further guidelines.

Fee issues for the guidelines.
What should be discussed publicly?
On or before June 9, 2018, Doctor Asif Qureshi did not assess any fees for these guidelines.

Should there be a fee for these guidelines?
How much of a fee should be placed on these guidelines?
How will the collection of fees proceed?

Professional regulator of physicians in Illinois.
On June 11, 2018, the Illinois courts must begin legal proceedings in the Illinois Supreme Court to have the regulator of physicians in Illinois declared "unfit to serve" if they did not already resign.

Why does the professional regulator of physicians in Illinois need to be replaced as soon as possible on or before 10 AM on June 11, 2018?
Failure to understand issues.
Failure to reply in a timely manner.
Failure to understand requirements of the system in Illinois.
Failure to remain updated about specific physician types and guidelines, such as those prepared by Doctor Asif Qureshi at www.qureshiuniversity.com/professionsworld.html.
All physician licenses circulated in Illinois on or before 10 AM on June 11, 2018, have to be reviewed for competence and requirements.

Program Director
What is a program director?
A program director researches, plans, develops, implements, and circulates one or more of the professional training programs or professional services.

What types of training programs can a program director offer?
Here are various examples.
I have training programs for 611 professions.
This includes training programs for physicians, teachers, lawyers, and engineers.
I have guidelines for 43 departments in the state and outside the state.

What types of physicians can Doctor Asif Qureshi guide?
Doctor Asif Qureshi can guide 19 types of physicians.
Doctor Asif Qureshi can also guide 600 types of other professionals, including teachers, lawyers, engineers, state police officers, and state military officers.

What should every type of physician know?

License of doctor of medicine
Have there been scandals in America about issuance of professional licenses, including that of a doctor of medicine?

What should be the focus of a doctor of medicine?
Abilities to be a doctor of medicine are essential.
This takes many years of desire to learn and desire for public service.
Issuing a license of doctor of medicine nowadays takes just a few minutes.
Do not claim to be a specialist without having minimum abilities required of a doctor. This is how a specialist is interpreted.
A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with additional abilities of a psychiatrist.
A surgeon is a medical doctor with additional abilities of a surgeon.
A doctor who performs medical operations is called a surgeon.
An individual who can do an eight-inch incision and close in three layers is not a surgeon.
A surgeon is basically a doctor of medicine.
Being a doctor of medicine means a human being is able to reach a correct diagnosis and treatment of a human being in various healthcare settings, able to offer Internet human healthcare, public health advice, patient education guidelines, and administrative issues guidelines.
Being a licensed doctor of medicine does not mean the individual has minimum abilities of a doctor of medicine.
Being a board-certified member does not mean the individual has the minimum abilities of a doctor of medicine.

In case you display or circulate your abilities as a doctor of medicine, the system will recognize you.
The system will come forward to offer you a license of doctor of medicine.
In situations where the system maintains silence or does not reply to your issues, You have the right to complaint and contest this exclusion provided you have competence and abilities of a doctor of medicine.

What should various professional boards, certification resources, or licensing resources advise professionals, including doctor of medicine?
Your real-world performance is essential.
You should be able to answer relevant questions in the real world from time to time relevant to your profession.
There should be no complaints.
You should resolve complaints immediately before they become a big scandal.
You should have general abilities.
You should have profession-specific abilities.
You have to prove your performance in the real world.

Go through administrative law of professional licensing.

Here are further guidelines.
Last Updated: October 27, 2019