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What is hematology?
What does a hematologist do?
Who studies hematology?
What is the difference between a hematologist and a hematopathologist?
What does a clinical laboratory scientist do?

What is blood?
What are the types of blood and who has them?
How much blood does a human body have?
How does the body make blood?
What is whole blood?
What are red blood cells?
How are red blood cells used?
What is plasma?
Laboratory Tests

What are lab tests?
How are lab tests analyzed?
What do lab tests show?
What factors affect your lab test results?
Blood bank

What does a blood bank do?
Who needs blood?
Who donates blood?
What are the criteria for blood donation?
Who should not donate blood?
Where is blood donated?
What is apheresis?
What is the most common blood type?
What tests are performed on donated blood?
How is blood stored and used?
What is the availability of blood?
Is there a substitute for blood?
Is it safe to give blood/platelets?
Does blood differ by race or ethnic group?
Are there any materials used to collect blood that can cause an allergic reaction?
Why do some cancer patients need platelets?
Is it safe to donate platelets?
Classification of Benign and Premalignant Hematologic Disorders
Malignant Hematologic Disorders
Where does hematology end and oncology begin?
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