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Why does the factories act need to be updated?

When the factories act was enacted, the people who framed the act couldn't have imagined that a product like a search engine would exist.

Take a look at this.
What is it?
It is a search engine.

Let's examine this.

This holds true as of February 11, 2010.

A search engine is operated, updated, and administered in one state. It is located in two different data centers in two different states.
This even can be intercontinental.
Is the factories act applicable to this scenario?

The books are compiled, edited, standardized, perused, and designed on one continent and get printed on another continent.

Is the factories act applicable to this scenario?

Should the factories act be updated?

Take a look at this.
Is it fair and justified that an entrepreneur gets natural resources to develop products and services and a similar or better entrepreneur faces discrimination and exclusion?

Is it fair and justified that a product is manufactured in one state and a similar product faces discrimination and exclusion in natural resources and development in another state?