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Quota per person
What should the quota per person look like?

Here are the details of per person quota

How much resources will you get per month?
1. Rice 10 kgs.
2. Atta 1.5 kgs.
3. Sugar 1 Kg.
4. Consumable protein like eggs, fish, chicken, and mutton
5. LPG and kerosene
7. Vegetables and Fruits 20 kgs.
8. Processed Foods 2 kgs.
9. Spices 2 kgs.
10. Other

How many clothes will you get per year?
Every year two kurta pajamas or the equivalent will be added to your clothes.

What transportation resources will you get?
It depends on local need.

How much space is there for your living purposes?
You are entitled to a minimum 256 square foot habitable dwelling.

Where should you go for your primary health care resource?
First check out www.qureshiuniversity.com/healthcareworld.html, then the nearest primary health center.

Where should you go for tertiary health care resource?
First check out www.qureshiuniversity.com/healthcareworld.html, then the nearest hospital

What home appliances will you get?
Refrigerator, cooking range, mixer, TV, fan, telephone, computer.

What communications resources are there for you?
Telephone, Internet.

What utilities services will you get?
Free water, electricity.

Where should you go in case you have any education needs?
Here are further guidelines.
Distribution of products and services in the state.

What determines who gets what from this inventory in the state?
Answers to relevant questions.

Who has the duty to maintain inventory in the state?
Office of the governor in the state (head of the state).
Office of the state department of law.
Other essential departments in the state and outside the state.
State internal auditor.
State external auditor.